Bezirk Schwaben Bezirk Schwaben
Bezirk Schwaben
Hafnerberg 10
86152 Augsburg
Telefon: 0821 3101-0
Telefax: 0821 3101-200

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The district of Swabia sees himself as a brick of Europe. With his sister regions, he targets at approaching the European citizens overcoming frontiers and language barriers. Just now, the regions and their social and cultural competences gain a special importance.

Partnerships: The twinned regions

The district of Swabia supports partnerships with the following regions:

  • historical region of Bukovina at Romania and Ukraine
  • Département de la Mayenne, France

The Office for European affairs at the district of Swabia...

  • ...offers support and competent advice in terms of twinning projects.
  • ...informs you about
    • European funding programmes
    • latest European issues